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With Arsene, you know what you are getting
With Arsene, you know what you are getting Only if we look in danger of dropping out of the elite CL would we see heavy investment at AFC. . Fortunately, we have some serious competitors in the same industry that realised this machinery would be a serious asset given the right tools

Before There's a Genocide: The Slaughter in South Sudan Must Stop
On December 15, a dispute between rival factions within the elite Presidential Guard set off a wave of violence across Juba that quickly split along ethnic lines. Sanctions could provide a powerful tool, if they are multilateral and if they are

MLB's Next Giant Headache: Cuba
The Cuban Baseball Federation has recently attempted to stave off even more defections among elite players by allowing hand-picked stars to perform in foreign leagues (in Mexico, Taiwan, and Japan) during off-season summer months. .. Such lack of