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World Water Day 2014: Shortages More Common Than You Think

Most Canadians begin consuming water from the moment they wake, whether they’re drinking it, cooking with it, or using it for sanitation.

With fresh, clean water flowing out of our taps at the twist of a knob, it’s easy to forget that water consumption doesn’t come so easily for the majority of the world’s population.

To remind the world of the many issues facing the world’s water supply, the United Nations declared March 22 World Water Day in 1993. Each year, the UN focuses on a different water-related issue. This year, the focus is on water and energy shortages that are interlinked. In the past, topics such as water and food security, water for urban areas, and water sanitation have been chosen.

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(The fewer the decks and the fewer the alterations, such as allowing the dealer to hit when he holds an ace and a six, the better your chances. Steve Bourie, author of the " 2010 American Casino Guide," took WalletPop on a quick tour of the nation's bargain gaming dens, focusing on blackjack with a nod to craps and roulette. ) Collect match-play coupons to increase the value of your bets for free at participating casinos. Note that the further away you go from downtown, slot machine return rates increase up to around 95%. com/2010/03/09/cheapest-places-to-gamble/&tags=@social,@walletpop,@weird,casino,casinos,gamble. Nevada still offers cheap blackjack, except on the Las Vegas Strip. Three-dollar minimums are more the norm there, but that's still a pretty good deal. Downtown Vegas has consistent $2 games with house rules that aren't too disadvantageous, Bourie said. Hotels begin at $25 a night, Bourie added, and slots will keep you playing with mere coins. 0 (Windows. And we mean...

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Neue Regeln: Lotto wird teurer, die Zusatzzahl fällt weg
Neue Regeln: Lotto wird teurer, die Zusatzzahl fällt weg Tipper müssen statt bislang 75 Cent einen Euro pro Kästchen zahlen, teilte Saartoto als derzeitiger Federführer im Deutschen Lotto- und Totoblock mit. Gleichzeitig soll eine neue Gewinnklasse Spieler anlocken, die Zusatzzahl fällt weg. In der neuen

Denkfehler, die uns Geld kosten (39)
10. November 2012 Mit Lottospielen kann man Geld verdienen. Langfristig. Sehr langfristig. Es stimmt zwar, dass die Hälfte aller deutschen Lottoeinsätze die verschiedenen regionalen Lottogesellschaften einkassieren und damit indirekt (nach Abzug der

Gordon Campbell on the Mighty River Power debacle
Broadening Air New Zealand's stockmarket ownership, even with a 10 per cent cap on each investing entity, runs the risk of attracting hostile airlines with unhelpful agendas to harass Air NZ. The Clark government recapitalised Air New Zealand with $1b

As economy improves, US commercial casinos see revenue increase nearly 5 ...
As economy improves, US commercial casinos see revenue increase nearly 5 ... As economy improves, US commercial casinos see revenue increase nearly 5 per cent. Wayne Parry / The Associated FILE - In this May 21, 2012 file photo, a dealer at Revel prepares for another round of roulette at the Atlantic City, N.J., casino as

Pfizer sells Viagra on its website in a drug industry first - The Windsor Star
Linda A. Johnson, The Associated Press | May 06, 2013 | Last Updated: May 06, 2013 - 6:10 UTC. TRENTON, N.J. - Men who are bashful Unscrupulous online pharmacies increasingly offer patients counterfeit versions of Viagra and other brand-name drugs